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winwin has created a network of customers and connected them to various businesses so that they can benefit from their diverse potential customers.

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Simple To Use
Familiar user interface designed for customers with different levels
Fast to Integrate
Having a simple REST API and useful plugins make the integration quick
Advanced Security
Following PCI-DSS recommendations and standards to provide high-level security
Customized Dashboards
Dashboard with the capability to be redesigned to fit your need
Location Base
Location base services and campign for your local customers
Free Services
Free onboarding and payment services

Advanced features for your business

Increase Your revenue
Increase the amount and number of purchases and reduce the time between two purchases of your customers
Increase number of customers
Introduce your business to winwin members for free and offer them your products and services and improve your marketing
Powerful Engagement
With winwin you can find out about customer feedback, and customers can rate you with winwin or share their ideas with you.
Create Your Customer Club
You can start your own business club and connect more with your customers and make them loyal to your business.
Flexible loyalty plans
Design various incentive and discount plans, give your customers a shopping voucher and purchase credit, and encourage them to buy more and more from you.
Diverse reports and analysis
Useful and diverse reports of sales, customer referral history, frequent customers, customer’s purchase details, and …
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Android and iOS merchant app

By installing this application, in addition to being able to generate QR codes for your customers, you can receive your instant receipt on the application and view your daily sales report.

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Amount Base

Amount Base

Increase the minimum amount of transactions.
Event Base

Event Base

Customer will be receiving gifts based on events
Visit Base

Visit Base

The purpose of creating this plan is to generate repeated purchases of customers from the store.
First Visit

First Visit

The purpose of this plan is to attract new customers to the store.
Return Customer

Return Customer

This plan is to bring back old customers.
Instant discount

Instant discount

The purpose of creating this plan is to provide an immediate discount on customers’ purchases

Work Like a professional business

These are some of the possible loyalty plans that can help the business to engage with customers